The Dying Art of Cool Nicknames

Some of you will know them as Dermott Brereton, Bruce Doull, Michael Clarke and Mark Waugh.

Some of us will remember them more fondly as “The Kid”, “The Flying Doormat”, “Pup” and “Afghanistan”…

Is the art of Cool nicknames a dying art?

Share some of the funniest nicknames you’ve heard or the best pro sports nicknames you can remember by clicking on the comments link


3 thoughts on “The Dying Art of Cool Nicknames

  1. The best nicknames are “developed” during extended wintery Tuesday night footy training sessions in response to being thumped on the Saturday or during long hot Saturday afternoons in the slip cordon watching the opposition put on 270 for the second wicket.

    So the decline of cool nicknames is due to sports administrators trying to manufacture even competitions. Floggings are good for developing player imagination and helping them come more quickly to inevitable conclusion that there are more important things than sport…..except if you are doing the flogging.


  2. The Galloping Gasometer Mick Nolan
    Macedonian Marvel Peter Daicos
    The Flea Dale Weightman

    The Gazelle John Mouzakis

  3. I get called Rowdy. I like it. I used to be nicknamed ‘mouth’. It’s beautiful evidence that I have, well, matured somewhat.

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