I’m a proud member of the Melbourne Superules Football Club today.

Our Masters team lost its Grand Final playoff by a kick after the siren yesterday.

It’s how footy games often go.

It was no one’s fault.

Our boys were jumped early in the match; our opposition gaining a three goal lead.  In the end, and although we didn’t know it at the time, that – arguably ­– was the ball game.

I joined the Melbourne Superules Football Club three years ago.

I was looking for a club that had spirit, class, a will to win, good people – the embodiment of The Sydney Swans “no dickheads” policy and a club that was never done with until the final siren goes.

Yes, I shopped around and even though it was a 35-minute drive across town from home to get to a club where I knew no one and had no historical link with, Melbourne Supers was the club I had a crack with.

Yesterday’s efforts from our Masters team vindicated that call.

When it was their time, those who wanted to, put their head over the ball regardless of the obvious outcome.  When it was their time, those who wanted to, put themselves in harms way for a teammate’s benefit and when it was their time, those who wanted to, threw themselves at their opposition with venom and determination, often turning the tide of the contest.

You’ve read this sort of stuff before. Bullshit about gladiators spilling blood, fields of glory, leaving nothing out on the ground etc, but while the match had the support of the League, there’ll never be any formal recognition of yesterday’s game.  No trophy. No premiership medallions, just the match ball presented to the player judged best on ground by the umpires.

You could have been forgiven for being aware of how little, beyond pride and satisfaction, was officially at stake if you were an impartial spectator at yesterday’s match.

There’ll be a lot of sore boys having a read of this today.  But they should be reading it feeling enormously proud of their efforts.  I suspect they’ll be thinking more about what could have been.  I’ll hope that they read it knowing how much they contributed to building and strengthening the culture of the Melbourne Superules Football Club.

Congratulations to the boys from the Peninsula Raiders Football Club.  The game was played in outstanding spirit.  The two clubs are testament to what over 35’s football can be, as opposed to the thuggery passing as footy we sometimes see in suburban Leagues these days.  The aggression was always at the ball and their contribution to a great game can’t be understated.

Our coaches should be proud of the side’s result yesterday.

Mick Patton is man who does what he says.  He leads by example and isn’t afraid, like a few of the blokes he’s coached at times this year – to use a boxing analogy – to punch above his weight and come out on top.

John Ross’ words carry a lot of weight; a great communicator who suffers neither fools nor the weak of spirit, heart and commitment lightly. I know because I’ve experienced it first hand. Though clearly disappointed in the immediate aftermath of yesterday’s game, I’d argue in cold light of day, he’d find it difficult to be disillusioned with his charges.

Our club heads into another Grand Final next weekend.  This Grand Final is sanctioned, history to record the result.

Twenty-six blokes went out yesterday and showed what our club was all about.  Another 25 blokes set an unprecedented club record of a perfect season the weekend before.

Ralphy and our Supers take on Werribee in the Zone Superules Grand Final next weekend.

The bar has been set.

For those who make the Supers squad, it’s your opportunity to do the club and yourselves proud.


  1. Love your work gazelle, bakes, leon, steve, big fella…they were indeed mighty yesterday with their desire, commitment and will to win. As you say, regardless of the result, the players and the club are winners for simply representing our emblem with distinction. Proud to play along side these guys anytime! And the 47’s went through undefeated – simply awesome! Bring on the GF on Sunday…Ralphy

    Btw, nice piece the other day about the sorry state of affairs in the afl…agree whole-heartedly!

    • Great effort yesterday boys…. was an awesome 2nd half and result could have gone either way.

      I agree with Bakes about the club. Great team spirit and a credit to everyone involved, committee, players and supporters for the club to have grown as it has and achieved what we have this year.

      Undefeated Legends, Grand Finalist Masters and the ultimate prize up for grabs this week.

      Good luck Ralphy and the Supers. Hit em hard and bring home the bacon! Go Lions!!!! – Kano

  2. Great words Bakes. Totally agree. Im proud just to be part of such a great group of blokes.

    The O’47s undefeated season, an after the siren result for the Masters, what are we going to get from the last one…. The Supers GF is shaping up to be a cracka!

  3. That is definitely our club.

    It was one of the greatest moments for the club. It felt good to know we were all playing together whether on or off the ground

  4. Great piece Snake.. I hopped on the net looking for a club myself half-way through last season..was very lucky to join a great club with what makes it a great club-great people..

    Pity we couldn’t finish it off (many moments in the game still going through the head!), but you’re right, the dissapointment is softened by the way we played- having a crack, as a team, and for each other..

    I’m sure the Super’s will go one better on Sunday!!

    Luck Boys!

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