NEWSFLASH: Westwood & Baker Unite To Kick Goals As A Team

Monday 12th Sept – Wordsmith Emma Westwood and Stephen Baker Media have confirmed rumours the two professional entities will now be partnering to create a greater writing, editing and broadcasting enterprise.

This new venture enables Emma Westwood to broaden her wordsmithing reach to sports organisations, which is where Steve Baker Media’s talents lie as an accomplished broadcaster and blogger.

It has been reported Westwood personally approached Baker with the proposition during ‘Steak Night’ at the Union Hotel a few weeks ago.

“Yes, it’s true,” said Westwood in an email confirming the decision. “After years of going it alone and having stretched my resources in terms of ‘woman power’, it seemed a no-brainer to ask Steve if we could pool our talents to create something bigger. After all, there’s only so much I could do by myself.”

Having worked as a freelancer for approximately 15 years, Westwood has consolidated a core clientele that crosses from media and journalism to corporate publications. She has a reputation for providing attention to detail, strong lines of communication, always meeting deadlines and producing “surprising results from seemingly vague or mundane briefs”.

Westwood’s extensive writing and editing skills are expected to be of great benefit to Stephen Baker Media in making the move from sports commentary into creating internal publications and communications for sports organisations.

As well as taking on the responsibilities of this new partnership, Stephen Baker Media claims Baker will remain committed to his obligations as a sports and racing broadcaster on Sky Sports Radio.

“I can’t wait to draw from the immense sports knowledge of Stephen Baker Media,” says Westwood. “This is a very exciting for me, in terms of moving into new arenas, but also in offering an even better service to my existing clients.”

When asked for a statement, Baker said: “Giddy up.”


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