Racing tips.

We all get them.  Some are shite. Some are half-decent but few – if any – will launch you from the shithouse to the Penthouse in one fell swoop.

After losing horrific (but I stress affordable) sums of money doing the form myself over many years, I came to the realisation that I am a shit judge of form and class when it comes to the sport of Kings, so accordingly I should leave it to the experts.

In the last 12 months or so, I’ve taken to using a few professional tipping services. The two websites that I have been using are Mick Sharkie’s The Shark tipping service and Hayden Bradford’s Racestrat with varying results from each. It is important that I disclose, at this point, that I have a connection – albeit loosely – with Mick through my work at Radio Sport National and Sky Sports Radio, while I have been following Hayden via Twitter for around 4 months. This post is neither an endorsement of either site, nor am I encouraging you, dear reader, to gamble.

Today’s post is, if you will, a community service.

Saturday’s The Age posted this article on a number of ‘professional tipping services’ that have garnered a fair deal of attention during the Spring Racing Carnival.

The available evidence suggests that these sites are quite dubious and yesterday, The Victorian Minister for Gaming and Consumer Affairs issued this press release warning punters against using these sites.

Hayden Bradford issued the following challenge to the administrators of these sites and sadly has received only one, one line reply thus far.

Again, I’m not encouraging you to gamble, nor is this post a quasi advertisement for Mick Sharkie or Hayden Bradford, but I can’t stress enough how careful one needs to be in this day and age when it comes to opening the wallet in search of ‘easy money’. As with anything in life, caveat emptor.

Until next time, remember; whatever the question, the answer is ‘more power’ and rock out with your cock out!


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