Greetings again dear reader,

The iPad is a great invention.

Sadly, I didn’t do enough homework on this device and its performance with word pad before we left our home.

There’s a bunch of photos that I had lined up to share in the posts of our travels, but I can’t seem to get them to load onto the posts.

Given that this is, after all a holiday and not a word pressing trip, I’ll be adding the photos once I get home to my trusty laptop, because I could not be arsed experimenting and messing around. I’m sure its not too complicated, but it is fucking hot here and there is a beach and pool to be taken advantage of.

If you’re happy to keep reading without the media being added thank you! If you’d rather wait until the media is added to read about our Bali and Gili Islands adventures, leave a comment below and I can email you links once the photos have been added.


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