20/11/11 – Sunday

There are famous last words and then there are Famous.Last.Words. Some famous last words include; The alleged last word’s of the Prefect of Hiroshima; “what the f–k was that?”, Charles Foster Kane’s “Rosebud” and we now add Steve Baker’s “we’ll have a swim after we go shopping”. Sunday is spent waltzing up Dhyana Pura and Legian Rd in search for some presents for people that we can only get here in Bali. If I’ve said that the previous week had been hot, the heat pales into comparison next to today.

Our first stop is a DVD outlet in Dhyana Pura. The store looks deserted, however, I spy the salesperson asleep on the floor underneath the display racks. Fair play to you sir, I think as we mosey through the inventory. Ms Emma tells me later it’s nothing to see people asleep in their stores in the middle of the day with money left on the counter from patrons who’ve purchased some of their wares, but ensuring some good karma all round on this Hindu-worshipping island. We take care of business in a few other stores in Legian Rd and we’re both saturated in sweat. We taxi back to the Legian, hit the pool and prepare for Sunset drinks at SOS.

SOS Bar's Prime seating for watching the sun setting on Seminyak Beach

SOS is the name of the Bar at the Antara resort, about 200 or so meters from the Legian Hotel. It is the most spectacular place for taking photo’s at sunset and boasts some of the finest contemporary design and architecture you’ll see anywhere in Bali. We launch onto a vacant day bed and order Martini’s as the sun goes down. Our camera’s snap away and I’m luck enough to get some of the best pic’s I think I’ve ever taken. What Ku De Ta has as far as a vibe goes, SOS has in terms of decor and view.

Your host. SOS Bar - Anantara Resort, Seminyak, Bali

I’m sold – cost permitting of course – on having our wedding here, but Ms Emma, while open to the idea, is still a big booster for KDT and its upstairs Beer Garden, despite detecting not much love from the new function coordinator.

Once the sun has set, we order some food – still mulling over SOS as a wedding and reception venue versus KDT – and really slip into the party vibe that appears to evident in and around Seminyak tonight. The Saturday was the Hindu festival of Saraswati (day of Knowledge of God) but tonight – Sunday – seems to be the celebration time. The brief walk back to the pool at the Pelangi is marked by the number of ceremonies taking place on the beach, the indescribably delicious smells of the locals cooking up a storm on the beach and the incense wafting over the evening air.

This place is heaven on earth.

The sun setting on Seminyak Beach; photographed from SOS Bar


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