I am a geek.

Not a closet geek, not a reformed geek.

A geek.

I’m nonplussed about this, mostly because I finished high school 22 years ago and, effectively, I couldn’t care less about my standing in the social hierarchy. I have my friends, (and to paraphrase the Seinfeld routine) I’m not interviewing, thanks for asking, but we’re fine.

There are a number geeky pursuits I have, but not the least of which is a fascination with NASA’s Manned Space Program; Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. There’s nothing wrong with the Shuttle program, but after landing on the moon, getting excited about low-Earth orbit is like getting a hard-on for an automatic transmission (“you mean to say I don’t need a clutch pedal anymore?)

Needless to say, I have had my run-ins with those who believe the Apollo missions and the Moon landings were faked.

God bless them. If that’s what people want to believe, go for it, it’s a (largely) free world.

Often, people get into the scientific merits to debunk most of the allegations used to claim the landings were faked (which you can visit HERE if the mood so takes you) .

But perhaps the best rebuttal of fake Moon landing allegations comes from the good folks at That Mitchell And Webb Look.*

See that? That’s the ball being belted out of the park with the bases loaded at the bottom of the ninth inning.


*With thanks to: @Astro_Ron @Brad_Everleigh

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