Well, here we are, off once again to beautiful Bali. This trip has a little added spice, with Miss Emma and I off to get married.

I know! Soft eh?

Anyhoo… everything as gone relatively smoothly to date except a few minor things, but in the scheme of fly-away weddings, all is well.

So Far.

There is plenty of water to go under the bridge – the big day (TBD) is still roughly two weeks away as I type this and anything can happen.

There are roughly 40 or so guests coming the wedding itself in Uluwatu at a nice little joint called Nammos Beach Club. I am yet to see the venue in person, having only seen its website and read some feedback in various forums (because that’s where you go for rational, measured feedback, right?). It looks pretty bloody good and the family members who saw it when Em went on her ‘fact finding mission’ almost 12 months ago, all raved about it. I trust these people, so we’ll see how it all goes.

We’ve also invited a swag of people for a party week. We let anyone and everyone know that while the actual wedding ceremony was pretty much a family affair, we’re having a number of parties, get-togethers and general soiree’s for people who wanted a winter getaway who didn’t find themselves on the guest list.

Accordingly, some people cracked the shits from the get-go, some people no longer talk to us and some people have made it clear through word-of-mouth that they couldn’t believe our rudeness.

To them, I say; FUCK YOU.

To the real friends who have been supportive and understood that our budget was NOT unlimited and had the maturity to understand the pressure to have family present and that not everyone could be invited Miss Emma and I say a huge thank-you and you won’t be forgotten.

Why a fly-away wedding? Did you really think that getting hitched in a place like Bali with Miss Emma wasn’t going to happen? Jaysus! Have you not read this blog before?

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