It is Thursday. We leave on Sunday. I have come down with a bitching head cold and cough. This is particularly bad and very stressful.

Manflu is the scourge of the modern-era. And I have it in spades. I also had 3 root canal preparations with my Dentist on Tuesday afternoon, so I am particularly miserable.

I have a thumping headache, my nose just runs like a leaky tap, my mouth feels like I’ve been in a punch-on and my throat aches from the coughing. I am supposed to be going on a holiday. In any other circumstance, I’d be off work and home in bed sick.

“But Big Boss”, I hear you say, “HTFU already’.

True. But as this is my blog, get fucked I appreciate your input and will take it on board.

In all seriousness, I’m just toey about the symptoms escalating into something more. I have horribly weak lungs and am prone to chest infections. Serious ones and they often take me 2-3 weeks to completely recover from them. Not ideal when you’re getting married. That’s my main concern.

Hopefully this is just a virus and it clears out soon. Hopefully.


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