Saturday 25th May

I’m not good at all today.

I saw a GP yesterday who declared I have a virus. That’s a relief, but I wish this virus would hurry up, do its thing and leave. He’s prescribed me some anti-biotics just in case, so that’s a relief.

These doctor and dentist visits have really put me behind the eight-ball in terms of work. I’m under deadline to have two editions of the magazine I edit completed before I leave tomorrow. My game plan was to be doing finishing touches on Friday morning, take care of some other work that afternoon, and then pack and get everything organised in a leisurely fashion on Saturday. I’ve had a few times where I’ve had to lay down on my bed as I just didn’t have the energy to do anything let alone edit the mags, so here I am late on Saturday night typing this. I had to shut the computer down around 3.30pm and I’m still only probably half finished. That being said, I realise that these are first world problems, but it’s still been a pain in the arse and I’m ridiculously knackered.

Miss Emma on the other hand is losing her shit with excitement! She has been planning TBD (the big day) and the holiday for close to 12 months and with her work completed, she is in unfiltered ‘holiday mode’ and can’t wait to get on the plane. Her case is packed, everything like travel money and little incidentals are sorted, then wedding venue has been paid, so for Miss Emma, it is time to de-stress and lose all that weight off her shoulders. And I couldn’t be happier for her!


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