29th May

I’ve been complaining a lot about the weather, I know. I don’t like that I have been, as I am a firm believer that your WORST day on holiday is still waaaay better than your BEST day at work.

Everyone here in Bali has been talking about the weather, so we’re kind of glad that it’s not just us. We’re getting anxious that we’ve invited people to come up to Bali and raved about the weather and how good it will be, only for the conditions to let us down. The locals all agree they cannot understand what’s going on as this time of the year should be mild (by Bali standards anyway), sunny and, well…. as close to perfect as you can get in this neck of the woods. It has been raining as much as it would in rainy season and no one can remember the last time that happened. We remain optimistic that things will turn around. We want people to really understand why we chose to get hitched here and so much of the Bali experience – for me, anyway – is to do with the conditions. These are First World Problems, I know, but rightly or wrongly, we are starting to feel the pressure of expectation on the wedding ‘party’ plans.

The weather on this Wednesday morning is heavenly! Bright and sunny with a really nice, cooling off-shore westerly reminds us of the kind of weather we should be getting and the guests here at the Pelangi are taking advantage of the sun. It’s 9.30am and just about all of the Cabana lounges are being used and people are already flocking to the pool.

We meet our photographer for the event, Orly. She comes highly recommended to us from a number of ex-pat Australian’s who know her from snapping their functions and Orly is a well-respected fashion photographer in the region as well. We spend an hour with her chatting about everything and anything. We end the meeting with a good feeling and are looking forward to having her as our wedding snapper.

We retire to the pool – as you do – and receive a message that a very close and really important friend of Emma’s has had to cancel her trip. It’s fair to say that this well and truly takes the wind out of Miss Emma’s sails. It’s not the end of the world, but this guest is often the life of the party and she will be missed. Cancelling – or at least advising us that she is cancelling her trip – two, to three days before she is meant to arrive was her call, but there’s not much we can do by now. Em is really upset.

On the upside, we note the arrival of one of our favourite staff members here at the Pelangi, our man Agus! He has the most infections attitude about him; he’s the epitome of Sing Ken Ken (apologies if I’ve spelt this wrong, but Sin Ken Ken is the Balinese equivalent ‘no worries’. It’s not a literal translation, it’s more a state of mind and a way of being) and is a real pleasure to be around. It doesn’t hurt that he is running the pool bar 80% of the time, but that aside he is a rolled-gold champion fella. Nothing is a bother, he knows people, who know people making him great at making problems disappear. We talk for a while about things have been going for him. His father has been seriously ill, so we wish everyone the best as he recovers.

The weather (again, I know! Sorry!) begins to take a turn for the worse late afternoon. The sky goes a very dark grey and the humidity rises considerably. When we see the staff hurriedly pulling in the sun umbrellas from around the pool and clearing the Cabana lounges away, we get the hint and head back to the room.

We make plans to catch up with relatives of Emma; Faye and Stuart. Fay is Indonesian and her and Stuart were married here in Bali around 5 years ago. Emma still talks about their wedding to this day. We meet them for drinks at Gado Gado, a swanky restaurant a couple of doors down from the Pelangi. In the time it takes us to quickly shower and change, it is bucketing down with rain.

What was supposed to be a quiet drink with Faye and Stuart turns into a full-blown 3-course meal and drinks. The guys work for the U.N in different roles in Mozambique and the dinner conversation is beyond interesting as we listen to the day-to-day craziness of their jobs. To top it all off, Stu and Faye are good people and when you get Stuart and his brother, Richard, together you know that (good) trouble is not far away. Faye, although somewhat reserved and quiet is the perfect foil for Stuart’s shenanigans and she’s great to have a talk with. They’re the perfect example of ying and yang in a relationship.

We retire by around 11.30pm and as they say in the classics, “a good time was had by all”.


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