May 28

A very valuable lesson was learnt today. That lesson is that a rainstopper is well worth the money.

If you recall from my previous post, I talked about the couple who shelled out the $5,000 for the WoW (walk on Water) wedding at Karma. Understand as I’m telling you this, that I wish no ill-will on the couple, but it rained ALL DAY on their wedding and no rainstopper was employed. I know that it sounds like a shake-down – even though it has a money-back guarantee – but Lauren and Sam at Karma were saying that not many people have had to get their money back on the rainstopper, but they’ve seen quite a number of weddings/functions that didn’t pay for a rainstopper and (pardon the pun) paid the price. The wonders of Bali never cease!

We hit the pool at the Pelangi after breakfast. It is an overcast day, pretty dull, to be totally honest and little care is taken with sunscreen – a schoolboy error on my part. As is always the case, just one beer (satu lagi asthey say here) turns into many and a good time is had by Ms Emma and I over probably 5 hours.

We leave the pool and head to one of Ms Emma’s favourite massage places, Vitamin. Vitamin is located in the dubiously named ‘Rat Run’ that links the edge of Seminyak with the heart of the action (places like ‘Eat Street’ and the clubs like Ku De Ta, Potato Head and W). The staff are amazing and the quality of their work belies the adage that you get what you pay for. I have a 60-minute facial reflexology massage that is pure bliss. I think I have found my calling in life and that is to experience reflexology massages at Vitamin!

My sunburn is becoming quite acute and it is entirely my own fault. Knowing that some of the damage from burns is radiant heat, I figure that there’s only one thing to do: get in the pool and cool the radiant heat off where I’ve burnt my shoulders and face. Luckily, it works and I get a decent night’s rest and am ready to launch into Wednesday.

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