31st May

It is a deliciously warm Friday morning with the sun preposterously beating down on our part of Bali. We’re expecting quite a few people to arrive today and the party – and not in a 1980’s frat-boy-movie-way – to get started.

We meet up with Krussell (Kate), a friend of Emma and I from the 3183 ‘hood back home. She is quite chipper considering she arrived in the dead of morning and was already down at brekky looking to get holiday action firing.

By late afternoon, people are drifting to the pool and as it turns out, my parents, my sister and nephew, Emma’s Aunt and her traveling buds as well as one of my groomsmen – the inimitable Dr Cruel – were all on the same flight out of Melbourne. An excess of shouty kids seemed to be the order of the day. I’m proud to say that my nephew, the champion Lachie was NOT a contributor to the volume levels.

Speaking of the groomsmen – Dr Cruel and Drew – they arrive late afternoon and are ready for some serious relaxing. We head off to Vitamin in Seminyak’s ‘Rat Run’ but are out of luck; they’re fully booked, so we head to the local (in)convenience store for supplies for the guys (water, cigarettes mozzie repellant). We head back to the Pelangi and Drew decides to stop off at a massage house near the hotel and Dr and I agree to meet at the pool.

When the Dr hasn’t arrived around a half hour later, I decide to leave the pool and head back to the room and have some chow. As I sign my towel back in, Drew and the Dr arrive at the pool covered in sweat. It turns out that Drew has lost his wallet. Pick-pocketed maybe, but he can’t be sure and the guys have been retracing Drew’s steps quadruple-checking if it had been dropped accidentally, left at the (in)convenience store or whatever, but to no avail. It can’t be found.

It’s bad enough losing or having your wallet stolen, but compounding the disappointment and frustration for Drew was that his wallet contained some irreplaceable keepsakes of his recently deceased Mum, Bev. Nothing needs to be said. Although you wouldn’t know it if you weren’t aware of how tough things have been for Drew lately, he is heartbroken, but refuses to let it affect his night.

The Dr and Drew; sensational men. You couldn’t ask for two finer blokes to stand with you to help you get married.


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