2nd June

Some sore heads this morning, but nothing serious and nothing to give people a hard time about.

The Hens had a brilliant night in Dhyana Pura and the Banchong with their ebullience and vivaciousness didn’t disappoint.

For the bucks though, I’m under no illusions that I’m getting too old for this shit.


After catching up with our intrepid band of guests and an inordinate amount of time completing water-based leisure activities, dinner tonight is with the immediate families for the six o’clock sitting at Sardine Restaurant in Kerobokan. Sadly, for anyone who hasn’t been to Bali, people only know this area of Bali as the location of the prison in which Schappelle Corby and the Bali 9 (if I’m not mistaken) is/are guests of the local authorities. Kerobokan is a beautiful place and a really nice strip of some of the best dining you’ll find in Bali. While it’s expensive by Bali standards, it still beats the pants off what you’d pay by comparison in Australia.

A real dampener is put on the night as a really crabitty old wench charming patron kicks up a fuss when we’re all seated next to her table due to my nine month old nephew, Lauchlan. Accuse me of bias if you will, but as far as kids go, Lachie hardly makes a peep and is no trouble at all. People who’ve seen him will agree. For whatever reason, however, we are subjected to stares, loud tut-tutting, and sighs every time Lachie makes a sound. This bitch is a real piece of work. We’re being seated, I’m manoeuvring Lachie’s pram between the tables and she is staring me down as I’m coming through. As I pass, she deliberately kicks her chair out slightly as if to make the wheels hit her chair. I don’t hit her chair, and she looks seriously pissed. If she had been a guy, we would have definitely thrown down.

“But Big Boss” I hear you say, “fine dining establishments are no place for kids”. This is true, up to a point. I would agree with that supposition if we were in Australia, but, you see, the thing about Bali is that there are kids, infants and toddlers at restaurants everywhere you go. It is not known as a family-friendly holiday destination for nothing. It is unrealistic that you can go out for a meal here without at least two tables having kids of some kind in the group; Something that I’m sure our friend at the next table will learn – to her dismay and our mirth – for however long she’s here. And don’t forget, this was the 6pm sitting, a true family dinner time-slot. For what its worth, the times Emma and I have been at the 8.30pm sitting, we have had no trouble whatsoever with kids. We also got a kick that a second party arrived to dine that night with a two year old in tow. Such a sad woman… I’m tipping that she’s the kind of person who loves calling talkback radio to complain about everything, or the kind of person who would win the lottery and complain that she “only won $10million. Last week it went off for $15million”.

Despite all that, the meal was sensational and as someone more ‘turf’ than ‘surf’ when it comes to food, it would be the best. Seafood restaurant I’ve eaten in, and the staff are brilliant. Put dinner at Sardine on your itinerary if you’re doing a south-west Bali holiday. A definite winner.

It has been a great day generally. We’re looking forward to tomorrow night’s informal party on the Pelangi rooftop.

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