3rd June

A pretty exciting day today; we’re hosting a big party on the rooftop at the Pelangi today.

The guestlist includes wedding invitees and folk who who flown over from Oz to use the wedding and celebrations as a good enough excuse for a holiday!

The Dr and I head to Vitamin (again) for massage action then head down to the beach, where we meet Drew. Drew’s not a huge fan of massages in general, so he’s opted out of the action thus far. Probably – as some kind of wedding day concession – he’s agreed to lob to Vitamin with us on Wednesday morning. Should be good!

We meet Drew at the beach and hire day beds, as well as take in some much-needed refreshment (Bintangs for the Dr and I, milkshakes for Drew). I hate saying this, as I realise they’re just trying to make a living, but the beach hawkers destroy the day with some really pushy work. Maybe it’s just me, but the beach guys have really ramped up the sell sell stuff and the sympathy angle since my last visit. We seem to have someone pushing stuff on us every 5 minutes. We’re wearing sunglasses and guys are coming up to us pushing sunglasses at us! I have been told that things are tough for the beach guys, but any sympathy I have has gone after today.

Seminyak beach is a great spot to learn to surf and plenty of boards are out there today. There’s also a pretty big number of people swimming in the water as well, which is strange; most folks tend to wade in the beach, given the rips and undertow here, but emboldened by the number of people out there we take a dip and enjoy some awesome wave surfing for a few hours.

Emma and I have arranged to meet our wedding planner before the party begins so that we can check off/lock in the final arrangements. It’s nice and cool sitting in the Pelangi restaurant and Em and I aren’t sure who is more excited about the wedding; us or Lauren, as we get the final preparations sorted.

As Lauren heads off and we shimmy upstairs to the rooftop party, I’m suddenly hit by some serious nervousness and I really can’t work out why. I know there’s a wedding and everything going on, but for some reason, the minute Lauren leaves, I get a flood of butterflies in my gut. Strange…

We arrive upstairs and are wildly surprised. The staff have done a bloody amazing job decorating the place. Em has seen their work before and is still blown away by how good the deck looks, while me, having never seen them transform what is ordinarily a fairly nondescript place can’t believe what they’ve done!

The bar is well-stocked, they’ve set up a pretty awesome sound system, the day beds have had extra cushions placed in them and they’ve placed additional tropical potted plants around the space. It looks fantastic!

As has been the case on plenty of occasions so far, we are blessed with great weather. Maybe too great – if that’s possible. The guests are treated to a great sunset. The skies are cloudy, and the sun slowly slinks below the horizon painting a brilliant pink-red hue on the vista, like an artist pulled out the watercolours and put brush to canvas. Just amazing and once again, an example of why we love this joint so much. You cannot buy that kind of twilight setting in Melbourne. It is, and I apologise for the cliche, a perfect example of the magic of Bali.

All up, it was a brilliant night – even with the post-sunset heat wave making the night feel like it was held in a steam room (oy vay, it was like a shvitz) – it was so great to see everyone mingling and getting to know each other. The food and drinks flowed freely, Ms Emma’s DJ’ing work was impeccable and our unofficial ‘no dickheads’ policy ensured that everyone had a great time. I don’t know what the cocktail and soft drink stats were, but the 50 or so guests managed to knock down 237 Bintang stubbies (Bintang kecil). Outstanding work people. Just outstanding.

Only two sleeps until The Big Day…


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