4th June

Hangovers abound in the group this morning. I didn’t have that much to drink, but I smoked like a chimney and with all the shvitzing, I’m most likely feeling the pinch from a lack of fluids.

Most people launch into brekky with healthy appetites nonetheless, and a few people (yours truly included) head back to their rooms for some more sleep.

I spend a few hours watering up and head down to Jl Legian for a look around. It’s a hectic hive of activity here. Jl Legian is the most popular route from Seminyak to Legian and Kuta. The street is saturated with taxis, motorbikes and trucks all scurrying by, buzzing back and forth. There’s some quality designer shopping to be had here, but there’s also plenty of knock-off stalls, all claiming that their wares “are 100% real boss”. It’s one of my favourite places to sit and watch the ‘world’ go by.

That night, the Dr, Drew and I have plans to catch up with BT at the Y Sports Bar in Legian to watch the Japan v Socceroos World Cup qualifier. It was awesome watching the game here. Not surprisingly, the place is full of Australians, and the noise when Tommy Oar’s shot on goal hits the back of the Japanese goal’s net is almost defeaning. Equally amazing is the deflation felt throughout the bar as the Ref awards Japan the penalty that levels up the match. 3 minutes later, when the final whistle blows to make the draw official, you would think the Socceroos lost. The Dr is a football guru, and he tells us that the path to Brazil next year isn’t closed, but it just got a tiny bit harder. Such is soccer/football.

Despite my best efforts to leave, Drew, BT and the Dr all have the mischievous look in their eyes and shots and Bintangs are ordered at a furious pace despite my protestations to the waiting staff that I am ‘suda‘ (finished).

Nicely hammered, we stumble out into the streets of Legian and manage to snag a reputable Bluebird taxi, which gets us back to the Pelangi post-haste.


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