Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th


Breakfast at Ku De Ta with BT.

I’ve spoken before about how Ku De Ta has changed in the past few years. Some – like me – would argue it hasn’t really changed for the better, but that’s how it goes.

As with La Lucciola, Emma, BT and I waste most of the day sitting around drinking coffee, and reliving the wedding festival. BT is due to fly back to Melbourne tonight and says he had a ball all week long and can’t wait for his next trip back to the island. That being said, he’s keen to visit somewhere in Asia he hasn’t been to before – most likely Japan – before coming back to Bali again. Bon voyage and godspeed BT!

After heading off to the airport, Emma and I park our butts at La Plancha just near the Pelangi. We spend a couple of hours there just sinking into the bean bags and letting the cool evening breeze flow over us and taking time to just BE.

Viva La Plancha!


Some seriously unsettling news in my inbox this morning.

There are major changes afoot in my radio job that will likely see me shown the door. I don’t have any proof of this as yet, but it’s got to be better than odds on that my position has effectively been made redundant. Even though I’ve been there five years, I’m employed there as a casual, so in this situation, I’m expecting that it’s stumps. Obviously I’ll know more when I get to back to Melbourne and maybe something will be worked out that sees me stay employed – which I would much rather see happen – but the realist in me, having seen this more than a few times in work life knows this is unlikely. Cest la vie… that’s how it goes in Australian media. As anyone at Fairfax can tell attest to.

While my mind keeps churning the morning’s events over and over, making it difficult to relax, Emma and I have a long talk (in the pool, natch, – I’m not a complete idiot) about ‘what’s next’ and it helps me ease my mind a little. By mid afternoon, I’ve convinced myself that it’s not guaranteed that I’m out of work. It is likely, but not guaranteed. There is a difference. Sweating things while I’m on holiday isn’t going to give me a definitive answer and is a waste of energy. again, cest la vie.

We book ourselves into the latest foodie hotspot in Kerobokan; Mama San. You know a joint is popular when the earliest table you can get for a feed is at 9.30pm. We arrive a fair while earlier than our booking time and decide to hang out with a few drinks and some entree’s in the upstair bar.

Although it’s in Bali, Mama San is very ‘Melbourne’ in its decor; high ceilings with hanging pendant lights, dark mahogany walls and low, low lights. The food itself is superb. We order some Dim Sum upstairs, but after one round, we decide that the food here is good enough for us and cancel our reservation in the downstairs dining area. If you get to Mama San and have a penchant for a good Beef Rendang, then get your buns to Mama San, pronto. It is, without a doubt the BEST BEEF RENDANG to ever have passed my lips – the wedding Rendang included.

Similar to La Lucciola, Sardine and Potato Head, Mama San has a strict neat casual policy and you’ll find your arse bounced to the kerb if you front up in your Bintang gear. It sounds posh and it is by Bali standards, but 4 glasses of wine, entrees and two mains for the princely sum of $90AUD. In context, the same level of dining in Australia would be around the $150-$200 mark. Why Wouldn’t Ya, indeed!


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