Tuesday 11th

Breakfast sorted, we spend the afternoon at Potato Head Beach club in Petitenget. It is a blisteringly hot day, so to get in some shade and enjoy watching the world go by with a few quiet is a great course of action.

The pool at Potato Head is wall to wall with pretty people more wanting to be seen than actually wanting to get wet, and after a few hours we decide to walk back to the trusty Pelangi Pool. BT is concerned that he’s a bit of a third wheel at this point, given that it’s our honeymoon and all, but we’re more than happy having him around. Especially with the three of us all feeling a bit down and at a lose end with all of the wedding guests headed home. It’s nice to share some recollections of the ‘festival’ with BT and he’s a ripper bloke anyway.

Emma and I make tracks that night for dinner to a freakin’ awesome Mexican-themed warung in Seminyak; Motel Mexicola. Ay Caramba! What a ripping place! You enter through the main doors to an altar-like lobby, complete with the photo of deceased relatives surrounded by melted candle wax as you would in a traditional Mexican restaurant. We’re led to our left to a big out door courtyard and are seated undercover. Quite fortuitously, it turns out, as it hammers down with rain about 15 minutes after we arrive.

The decor in this place immediately transports you out of Bali and lobs you straight into Mexico and pre-communist Cuba. Pastel coloured walls, with Mexican-themed artwork abounding, the music a mix of cafe-del-mar style chill randomly mixed with Buena Vista Social club style latin jazz and beats. The food? Brilliant! 10/10. You’re not serious about enjoying Seminyak and Bali without at least one meal at Mexicola. You must go there.

Full as the family piss pot, we head back to the Pelangi for some much needed sleep.

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