THERE are many reasons that I love You Am I shows.

These Tim Rogers quotes – as best as I can remember them – from last night’s show are just one of them.

(after Soldiers – song number four of the night )

“Thank you, you’ve been a great audience so far (pause) so DON’T FUCK IT UP”

*crowd cheers/laughs*

Prior to Baby Clothes:

“Someone was chastising me about these pants I’m wearing tonight. (a gray tweed pair of pants). Said they were ‘lairy‘ (beat). As I was leaving Berlin Chair mansion in the hills of St Kilda tonight… coming to the gig… I was thinking I miss my baby… we both work at nights so we don’t get to see each other much after dark… I was getting all nostalgic… cracked a sympathy erection *audience groans/cheers in equal measure*…. but then I started to feel a bit better, because I remembered;

I AM fucking Tim Rogers… *crowd loses its collective shit*  Not some imposter playing in some fucking pub in Northcote.” *the derision oozing from his pronunciation of Northcote was, in and of itself, a thing of beauty.

Fuck the shite, inoffensive beige-cardigan, I’d-love-to-meet-your-folks banality of Adam Hills, Rove McManus and co, Someone give this man his own late-night talk show. I’ll work the complaints desk for free.

He is pure fucking genius.

More on You Am I’s stretch at Melbourne’s Forum coming later…

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