Australian Writings on NFL: The Pigskin Almanac

Sometimes you get to write about things you like and someone – other than yourself – will publish it.

That’s the fortunate position I’ve found myself in recently, as I’ve been contributing to The Pigskin Almanac : an initiative from the people who brought you The Footy Almanac.

You can’t beat the analysis and news gathering abilities of the NFL’s own website and sites like ESPN, and Bleacher Report but sites like the Pigskin Almanac can be  a nice antithesis to read what writers – as opposed to sports news writers think of the sport.

Because I’m insecure and ridiculously lazy, today’s post comes to you courtesy of my weekly post for The Pigskin Almanac: The Carolina Panthers playing the Cincinnati Bengals which resulted in a tied game. I hope you enjoy.

* * * * * * *

As a kid, I played both Aussie rules and cricket.

I loved playing footy, but I liked playing cricket and couldn’t really put my finger on why I favoured one over the other.

And then one day, I overheard a friend’s dad crystallise why football is better than cricket.

Football is better than cricket because you can stand in the field, in 100F heat on a summer’s day, do nothing except get sunburnt and when a ball finally comes your way, you drop that catch or let the ball go through to the boundary for four. Who knows when you’ll get the chance to make up for that error?

In football, if you screw up, you’ll almost certainly get to make up for a knucklehead mistake moments later; you can make that next tackle, get that goal back, hold that next mark, beat your opponent in that next one-on-one contest. Redemption in football can be a heartbeat away.

Unless you’re Cincy kicker Mike Nugent…

Click here to read the full article at the Pigskin Almanac 




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