Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I’m a big fan of the old skool in this age of technology.

I’m the guy that’s had the ‘old phone’ ringtone on his Nokia and later his iPhone as soon as it became available (and ditched Samsung because it didn’t offer a similar choice in its arsenal of sounds).

I also enjoy writing. Like this great piece from John Birmingham, I too used to quixotically dream of a bohemian lifestyle in a semi-dangerous locale with an exotic muse while producing a literary classic – and being paid handsomely for it.

While I’ve managed to punch above my weight and shanked myself the exotic muse, with the arrival of the Hemingwrite, I can also re-live the fantasy of producing literary gold on a typrewriter.

More-so if the product is launched with an option ‘clack-clak’ sound option (hint!)

Dear Santa, if these guys have it launched in time, all I want for Christmas is…




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