Music Brownlow

One of my favourite things on Twitter at present is playing Music Brownlow.

The concept is pretty simple – on paper, anyway. The man behind Music Brownlow nominates an artist or band, and you nominate your favourite, or what you believe to be that band or artist’s best three songs in order.

It’s not as easy as you might think.

While the first couple of polls were on Talking Heads and Australian Crawl, I’ve become healthily obsessed with most of the polls since: Queen, U2, Crowded House, Bruce Springsteen, INXS and Cold Chisel, to name just a few.


They’re pretty mainstream acts, no doubt, but even the most left-field music fan has, at one time or another, found themselves taking in acts like Madonna, Michael Jackson or The Beatles on their journey to their favourite music proclivities.


As someone who likes the harder edged stuff, I’d love to see nominations like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Weezer, Van Halen or KISS – which is probably likely to be as close as you could get to where my genuine tastes lie. Time will tell.

But in the meantime, I’m having a ball choosing my three best Pink Floyd tunes (for the record; Us and Them, One Slip and Run Like Hell), my three favourite David Bowie tunes (Suffragette City, Life on Mars and Heroes) and agonising over Scream in Blue or Best of Both Worlds for the last spot in my Midnight Oil (Bullroarer, Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers and Scream In Blue.

Warning: It’s that last vote that always gets you.


Cold Chisel
3. Flame Trees
2. Breakfast at Sweethearts
1. Saturday Night

“Well if ya don’t like it, whaddya standing there for 20 minutes watching?” I’d forgotten the brilliance of Ian Moss’s lead break at at 2:56 (“Remember what they say when you’re alone. Laugh or die.” And let’s talk about how far ahead of its time this video is. Mardi Gras, circa early 1980s.)

(Winner: Flame Trees with 142 votes. Next Best? Bow River on 89)


The Pixies
3. Gigantic
2. Monkey Gone To Heaven
1. Debaser

A big, big love indeed.

(Winner: Where is My Mind (36) narrowly over Debaser with 33.)


Pink Floyd
3. Run Like Hell
2. Us and Them
1. One Slip

When the hammers batter down your door, you better run.

(Winner: Comfortably Numb (only just; 84) from Wish You Were Here (81).)


3. Don’t Change
2. This Time
1. Listen Like Thieves

And if you’re thinking that the cinema looks familiar, it is indeed Northcote’s iconic Westgarth Cinema, back when it was The Valhalla, one time home of The Blues Brothers and Rocky Horror Picture Show parties.

(Winner: Don’t Change, easily. 87 votes. Next best was Never Tear Us Apart with 62.)


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