Stephen Baker…

…is the ‘Bake’ part of bespoke multi-media content creation and curation service; Bakewood.

This is his personal blog and frustration creative outlet. Stangely, he’s comfortable writing this in the third person, but now that you get the point, I’ll switch to first.

I’ve worked in a range of media-based roles: radio production and presentation, copywriting, feature writing, advertorial and press releases, digital content production as well as ‘old school’ interviewing, transcribing, proofreading and editing stuff. You can see brief samples of my work under the Portfolio tab.

As you’ll see from reading the blog, I like digging my teeth into sport and travel writing, social justice is important to me and I’m not afraid to get my geek on when it comes to T.V. music and cinema.

I like a good coffee or three, and I’m about to turn pro in the sport of ‘cafe breakfast eater’.

Away from the office, I’m hopelessly addicted to a range of sports too boring and lengthy to mention here, and I always look forward to spending a week or two in tropical climes imbibing drinks that have umbrellas, alcohol and ice in them – preferably while immersed in a pool.

Thanks for stopping by, it’s good to meet you…


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