BAKEWOOD is a multi-platform content creation and curation service run by Emma Westwood and Steve Baker – together with our hand-picked team of writers, photographers, cinematographers and multi media nerds whizzes.

Bakewood are ‘tellers of stories’ but our stories – and the stories of our clients – are told using methods that go beyond the traditional printed page. We employ the creative energy of text, audio, video, graphics and social media – maybe even all of the above – to to tell your story and engage with your audience in ways that take full advantage of tomorrow’s technology.

We’re one of the most vibrant and innovative content creation and curation teams around, taking your ideas from the whiteboard to finished product on time and within budget.

If we ever use the words ‘wacky’ or ‘zany’ (unless you order us to) you have our permission to shoot us.

Bakewood launched in early 2014 and already we’ve done exciting work with some highly visible brands. Why can’t yours be next?

Find out what Bakewood can do for you by clicking HERE.

Bakewood: “New traditions in storytelling”.




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